Greetings from the Dean

Dear Students,

The history of religion is as old as the history of humanity, and there has never been a society and community without religion in history. Therefore, theology education occupied an important place in the life of all societies and nations throughout the history of humanity. The role of theology education cannot be denied in the emergence of schools of thought and the shaping of the order of human relations.

Theology education and training has always been important in the life of the people of Kyrgyzstan, which has a long history and scientific tradition. This is why the Kyrgyz Republic has not neglected the theology field, has taken into account religious education and training from the very beginning. As a result, theology colleges at the secondary education level and the Theology Faculties at the higher education level have taken their places in the Kyrgyz education system as educational institutions.

In the modern world, it is known that religious beliefs are extremely effective on individuals and society. In parallel with the international conjuncture, the issue of religion has become more and more important in the independency process of Kyrgyzstan. This situation has brought theology education to the fore in terms of religious education and teaching. If we consider the place and importance of the Theology Faculties within the universities, the quality of the religious knowledge produced there and their social functions, we can better understand the place and importance of our Faculty.

Due to the fact that religion is a rising value in today's world, there is a great need for our Faculty as an institution that will produce healthy information in the field of religion in Kyrgyzstan, provide social integration and enlightenment, far from emotionalism and paradigms coming from tradition, providing undergraduate education in the light of intelligence and science based on basic resources. Therefore, Kyrgyzs-Turkish Manas University Faculty of Theology will serve the material and spiritual development of society and humanity by carrying out various scientific and social activities.

Dear Students,


The main aim of our faculty is to raise theologians who are able to reach, read and evaluate the main sources of Islam, and take them as a reference while forming the world of mind. Those who are aware of the knowledge created in the field of theology in the past, are at peace with the values ​​of the society in which they live, are able to evaluate the cultural heritage, who interpret the life with their own knowledge, can produce solutions to problems from an academic point of view. Those, who have free thought, free conscience, and knowledge. I congratulate you for choosing to study at such an important faculty and to be a theologian.

Dear Students,

Our duty is not only to learn and convey knowledge, but also to present the values ​​we believe and learn, first of all, to ourselves and to humanity. In addition to basic moral qualities such as sincerity, fidelity, merit, loyalty, honesty, justice, mercy and trust; It is obliged to represent our religion by living it in the best way in fields such as science, culture, art, aesthetics and the beautification of social life. We all have great responsibilities in this regard. Being aware of this, we hope that you will make an effort to realize your education and training; I wish you a healthy, successful and peaceful academic year. You are the apple of our eye and the shining stars of this country…

Greetings, with love and respect…






Prof.Dr. Kemal POLAT