Kyrgyz Course for Academics

  • 2022-02-16

A "Basic Level Kyrgyz Course" is held at Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University (KTMU) for academic staff who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

The course organized by the Continuing Education Center Presidency (KTMÜSEM) will last 120 hours.

Providing information about the course to the MEDIAMANAS reporter on February 15, 2022, KTMÜSEM President, Faculty of Letters, Educational Sciences Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Erkan Efilti said that all academic staff from Turkey attended the course.

Efilti said, “The Rector of our University, Prof. Dr.  Alpaslan Ceylan said: “Within the framework of this activity carried out, our university's academic staff will learn Kyrgyz, and it will make up for an important deficiency in strengthening ties with the Kyrgyz people, which is in the vision of our university. In addition, it is very important to use the same language in order for the activities of KTMÜSEM and other departments of our University to be more effective and productive for the Kyrgyz people.”


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