Important Meetings with Turkish Media Representatives

  • 2022-02-12

Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University Faculty of Communication Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sezai Türk and Deputy Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Oktay Özgül met with media representatives and officials of informatics institutions in Turkey.

In the negotiations that have been going on in Turkey since February 5, 2022, efforts were made to create an infrastructure for promotion and awareness activities.

During the meetings, issues such as announcing the academic and cultural activities of KTMU, the establishment of a Faculty of Medicine, the introduction of important studies such as the Turkish World Digital Citizenship Project, and raising awareness for students in Turkey to choose KTMU before the (OSYM) entrance exams came up.

These topics were discussed with representatives of important television, newspaper, news channels of Turkey such as TRT Haber, ATV, Kanal D, CNN Türk, Anadolu Agency, Demirören News Agency, Internet News Portal, Milliyet, Dünya Newspaper, Directorate of Communications, TÜRKSAT, ISF Animation and Studio. 

TÜRKSAT Corporate Communications President Dr. Ruşen Kömürcü; Publishing activities, student internships and joint studies with and other authorities; Promotional activities of KTMU with Kanal D Ankara Representative and Milliyet Newspaper Columnist Zafer Şahin; News studies about the University with Demirören News Agency Ankara Representative Ercan Gürses; TRT Board Member Assoc. Dr. Publishing activities with Oğuz Göksu; The process of announcing University news with Zihni Oğuz Akın, Deputy News Coordinator for TRT News Visual Affairs; Animation trainings with İsmail Fidan, Owner of İSF Studios; Preliminary interviews were held with the Directorate of Communications, ISF Animation and Studio managers on career development, internships and workshop.


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