Greetings from the Dean

Kyrgyzstan 2007-03 issue of the formation of the fine arts faculty accepted by the Board of Trustees of Manas University, Turkey on 23.10.2017 decision, accepted the first students by opening faculty of fine arts in 2009-2010 academic year. The faculty consists of performing arts, painting, graphic and musical art departments.

The faculty of fine arts aims to prepare successful graduates in their own profession in the future by exploring the deep roots of the art of the stage art and music of the world art.

Our goal is high quality national and international are as the basis of people's inner world with the ability to create art that brings spiritual values, to preserve our cultural values , inherited from our ancestors, to futuregenerations . Besides this, our other aim is to train beneficiary individuals in Turkish culture. Our academic stuff who are made up of experts who are trained in the field of art in our country and in Turkey use their experience ,application and theoretical lessons.

The painting and graphic departments present new works every day with the exhibitions they organize. The Turkish World Orchestra, created within the faculty of fine arts, They take part in various activities of our university.The soloists who work in the orchestra are students who have their own graduation. These students have proven themselves in our nation ar ace of the contest.

During our education in our faculty ,

• Participation in domestic and international festivals

• Participation in competition between universities

• Participating in television projects

• Solo concerts

• Participation in seminar and scientific application activities

• Having the opportunity to go to Kyrgyzstan and other countries for internship

Associate Professor
Anarbek Ibraev