Greetings from the Dean

Dear Friend,

In today's world, the engineer is one of the most demanded professions. Because it is they who are involved in the development of new products related to the operation, maintenance and technology of their manufacture.

Engineering faculty of Kyrgyz-Turkish University "Manas" is one of the basic faculties of the university, which trains engineers in six, the most advanced in the modern world, specialties.  These are: Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

The curriculum of our faculty is prepared in accordance with international best practices and the wishes of industrial enterprises of the core industries. Exchange programs with the world's leading universities have been developed for students. Experienced teachers and internationally renowned scientists work tirelessly at the faculty.

The faculty is equipped with modern laboratories, allowing to acquire knowledge and practical skills.

Our students are active, dynamic, proactive and creative. We are proud of our graduates, who now successfully holding key positions in major companies in the world and the country. Such as: Waifair, Amazon, Kumtor and many others. Many graduates have organized their own companies and are contributing to the development of our country.

According to our monitoring, more than 80% of engineering graduates are working in their field as managers and experts in their business. The demand for each of them grows year after year.

Our students not only receive quality education within the walls of our university, but also become part of the active social life of the university, participating in international conferences, organizing student clubs, exhibitions.

If you love to create and make the world a better place, become a part of our faculty, be filled with knowledge and conquer the world.

Success to you in your beginnings, bright road to you!

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurzat TOTUBAEVA