International relations  is the special type of public relations  beyond internal  relations and territories, as well as interdisciplinary field of study, that studies  cooperations and interaction between units of the "international system", especially relations between states, which are the main actors in international relations, with other states,  international/regional/intergovernmental organizations, transnational companies, international standards and international community. Today, international relations, imply not only the relationship between the two countries, but also embrace the relations and their further development between the different communities, public organizations, individuals and transnational actors.

Department of International Relations, together with providing students with opportunities to study the basic knowledge of the discipline and assess the world politics through our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, also provides them for the participation in the departmen's organized scientific activity, which will help students to explore and analyze the dynamics of national, regional and global aspects of international relations in a global world. Moreover, we believe that students of International Relations department will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in the development of their countries and societies


The department adheres to the general scope and overall objectives of Kyrgyzstan-Turkey “Manas” University. These objectives are educating, training and enlightening individuals who become explorative, inquisitive, who develop analytical thinking skills, and who can lead their societies under the changing world conditions as well as who respect human values. Moreover, we expect that our students will reach, generate, share and implement knowledge for developing their countries and societies.

The core goal of the department of International Relations languages of instruction of which are Turkish and Kyrgyz is to foster and prepare the future generation leaders who can use scientific sources, understand political and social developments in the modern world, and contribute to their societies and countries’ development strategy. Therefore, the goal of Kyrgyzstan-Turkiey “Manas” University is based on its vision of becoming a respected university primarily in Eurasia and the world.

Our department stands on: 

  • all scientific opinions and ideas should be freely expressed and based on the principles of tolerance, justice, and transparency;

  • academic values and granting priorities to academic activities;

  • being pioneer in social development of education;

  • staff and students’ satisfaction and their being proud to be part of the department;

  • belief that our students will play eminent role in designing the future of their own countries. 

Secretary of the Department

Elmira Kupsuralieva

Telephone: 492763/65

Extension: 659

Office: İİBF-505