Our Finance and Banking Department trains businessmen, banking and finance professionals and academics of the future. Founded in 2012, our young department provides undergraduate education with its strong academic staff.

Our academic staff with academic and industry experience provides education to students combining practice and theory with contemporary innovative learning techniques.

At our department, seminars and workshops are organized in order to enable our students to benefit from the experiences of international researchers and industry professionals.

Finance and Banking department continues its development with the contributions of expert academicians from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Along with educational activities, scientific studies are given importance and encouraged. Our students can also receive education from various universities in Turkey with the Mevlana Exchange program.

The Department of Finance and Banking is preferred by the students who score the highest in the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University entrance exams. Our department is one of the most preferred department in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian Turkic Republics.

Our department students are prepared for the future by receiving social, technical and financial support in a multilingual and multicultural environment in the large and developed campus of Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, which is on the way to be the best in its region.

Secretary of the Department


Telephone: 492763/67

Extension: 628

Office: İİBF-405