Greetings from the Director

A society that loses its national ideals, individuals who are destroyed by ethical and aesthetic value, become alienated from each other by the prejudices they fall into. The main condition of being a subject is to take responsibility towards individuals and society and to bring the values that guide our people to life. With the factors of globalization, it breaks one of the national cultural rings every day. Traditional sport and games had his share of this tremendously. However, traditional sport and games is the most important means of cultural transfer. In traditional sports, it is also the perfect means of summarizing the culture of a society. However, traditional games and sports, which were not considered worthy of being an object of academic study until 8-10 years ago, have started to increase in popularity all over the world since then. 

We are very excited about the opening of the research center in the traditional field of games and sports, which I have been interested in for 35 years. I am more pleased after the opening of the institute so that we can raise the bar. Now, by providing postgraduate education in this field, we have the opportunity to educate our graduate students to be experts in the field. Elements of traditional culture can only be sustained by living individuals and institutions that consider it valuable and have a sense of belonging to it. In this context, I would like to take on a social responsibility and sincerely express my gratitude to the institution officials who helped to establish this institute.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet TÜRKMEN