Greetings from the Director

“Unity in language, opinion and work”

Since the appearance of human being, people have been communicating, exchanging their opinions, expressing their feelings and desires with the help of language. It is one of the ways of realizing a wish. Language is a thing that differs and distinguishes us from other living creatures.

From the point of view of scientists and thinkers even if language has a lot of definitions, it is hard to define its role in society and human life and reflect on paper. As famous Turkic philologist M. Ergin said, “Language – is a living thing that supports the process of exchanging opinions between people. It is alive thing that lives and develops by its own rules and laws. It is a thing that unites and joins different nations, and it belongs to all humanity. It is at the same time a mysterious and a strong instrument of exchanging opinions.”

Language is not only the tool of communication. People can use language, but they cannot change it themselves according to their wishes. It is natural and invariable tool of communication. Language has its own rules. Language rules define the structure of language. Structure of any language is formed from the rules of this language. Language rules are important for language developing and supporting its use. Language rules play an important role in existence and use of language.

Like other ancient languages, death is peculiar to any language. Like other things, language is born, lives and dies. Language in life process can be in any kind of situation and condition. If these conditions and situations do not destroy its structure and originality,language will revive and develop. If completely opposite happens, language may die and disappear. Respecting language, respecting its laws are our first and foremost obligations.

Language is an inseparable part of nation; it is an important component of nation. Language serves as a bridge between history and future; it strengthens the unity and solidarity of a nation. Language is voice of a country, its flag, and the symbol of independence.

Carrying out education in Kyrgyz and Turkish languages of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University plays great role. This is the reason that our school has big responsibility.We are always ready to implement our duties with pride in an efficient way.

The fact that students from different parts of Turkic world get education in our university always makes us happy. Particularly, we made a big contribution to learning languages of undergraduates and academic staff. Moreover, students study English, German, Russian languages as foreign languages. All these activities are being implemented by our active academic staff.

Since the establishment of our university, our school has been successfully doing its job. I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues, and I wish success in their work . I want our dear students to trust their instructors and believe in their efficiency. O ur ultimate goal is to train students and prepare competent efficient specialists as the members of the contemporary world. I would like to thank our teaching staffs who have been contributing to education so far.