520800 - The main mission of the doctoral program in the field of "Environmental Management and Ecology" (profile-Environmental Engineering): analysis and solution of environmental problems arising from global developments, engineering problems, innovation in science, development of new scientific methods, current and future environmental The introduction of technological and scientific solutions to problems, the distribution of modern teaching culture, ethical and professional values, and the adoption of a specific approach to a new field will require at least one person. In addition, in addition to in-depth knowledge of environmental engineering, it is necessary to create a strong academic infrastructure and knowledge to nurture researchers who develop universal quality knowledge and technology, are professionally competent and respect social values.



 Doctoral program "Nature Management and Ecology" (profile-Environmental Engineering); it focuses on doctoral education in various scientific fields such as air, water, sewage, air pollution, solid waste and soil pollution and control. The purpose of the proposed program is to train students who can solve the problems of environmental engineering. This requires an understanding of biological, chemical, and physical structures, knowledge of engineering principles, laboratory and computational skills, and the ability to use computer knowledge to analyze and solve environmental problems. Within the framework of the proposed program, have a high level of professional theoretical and practical knowledge, competent in their field, effective in the scientific field, active and play a leading role in identifying and solving local, regional and global problems, contribute to sustainability through research and development of new ideas and solutions To educate people who have the principles of professional ethics, who are able to communicate effectively and have a doctoral degree. Able to specialize in their field, keep abreast of national and international scientific publications and current events, adhere to ethical and professional values, use common language with stakeholders around the world, increase the research potential of our competitive country, participate in research in all fields, especially engineering To train researchers who have been able to work at a high level and have contributed to the literature by publishing these original works in prestigious scientific journals, and to acquire the necessary academic knowledge and skills. Appointments to the department for a period of less than five years will make a significant contribution to the realization of our goals.



The doctoral program prepares doctoral students who are able to work as researchers and teachers in the field of research and application of environmental engineering in public institutions, the private sector and universities. Admitted students have the opportunity to become specialists in one of the various fields of engineering and environmental engineering in this field. In order to develop technological processes and methods for solving environmental problems; Offers the opportunity to pursue doctoral education for undergraduate and graduate or specialty students in the faculties of engineering and natural sciences.
There are four (4) classrooms, one (1) workshop room, computer and application laboratories for the doctoral program. There is a central library, which provides regular maintenance with textbooks and research books, databases of periodicals, electronic resources and Internet infrastructure for reading rooms.
The doctoral program is currently taught by four (4) professors, one (1) associate professor, one (1) associate professor, and one senior teacher (dr.) And a total of seven (7) teachers who are the best specialists in their field. All faculty members regularly collaborate with foreign researchers in their field and participate in research activities abroad.
The doctoral program is constantly updated in accordance with scientific developments and innovations, taking into account the views of stakeholders.
Some research areas of the doctoral program in environmental engineering:
Water pollution and control technologies
Wastewater treatment processes
Water quality management
Air pollution and control technologies
Solid waste and control technologies
Harmful waste and control technologies
Modeling of environmental engineering problems
Development of clean production environmental technologies
Analysis of energy efficiency and environmental pollution
Development of ecological microbiological processes

Ecological toxicological research and ecosystem impact of environmental factors
Processes of waste recycling and production of energy and raw materials from waste

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